Cocoa beans

What to cook from Cocoa beans more

Crimson "Sacher cake"
231 - - 6
Classic Sacher familiar to many, but the few he's really impressive. Rather dry chocolate cake, sweet apricot jam... But when I saw the interpretation of the popular dessert in the vision and execution of Masha Zeleninou, I decided to cook it! And then came the hour H. as soon as the process began, and the cakes went in the oven - on the house overflowed fragrance that is hard to describe in words. Let me just say that we live on the 9th floor, and the smell my husband can smell as soon as I opened the door to the staircase ))) And add to that marzipan-chocolate cake sour raspberry jam... in Front of such a temptation difficult to resist even an angel... And happy holiday, lovely girl!!!
Real cocoa from roasted cocoa beans
163 - 4м 2
Roasted cocoa beans are ground to a easy coffee grinder, it's 100% chocolate, which we will prepare healthy and delicious cocoa!
131 - 130м -
And have you ever eaten REAL chocolate?! No, not the one that contains the milk fat, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, Е476 ), flavor identical to natural vanillin and the like..... Real chocolate!....... I think not many! Then come on in and help yourselves, especially what to cook at home a real chocolate will not be easy......
Chocolate cake soufflé
124 - - -
Mouth-watering chocolate souffle with hints of almond and coconut base with a hint of white chocolate, a Symphony of taste. This cake I'm pleased with my family on palm Sunday.
Homemade dark chocolate
121 - 30м 20
Real chocolate from all natural ingredients, which you can easily prepare at home.
Chocolate natural
112 - 20м 4
Chocolate made a recipe taken from another site. Taste similar to the taste of store-bought chocolate. Tasty, healthy, without harmful additives. Present for your consideration the recipe of dark chocolate, but depending on the amount of sugar, the taste can be exchanged for sweet or very sweet. And, with the addition of dried milk or cream, it can turn into chocolate milk.

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