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Drink "Almost butterbeer, Harry Potter"
156 - - -
Oh, my dears, this is my research butterbeer... Found a few recipes, well, that interested me this drink... Decided to try to cook at an Assembly recipe! Unusual! For a cold winter evening very interesting!
Carp in beer in Moscow
138 - 180м 4
This wonderful recipe Alexandre Dumas brought from Russia, which traveled in 1858 and 1859, During this time, Dumas is highly enriched my knowledge about our country, including in the culinary field - he learned to cook Russian soup, Russian cold soup, kórnik and of course carp in Moscow. Fish cooked by this recipe turns out amazingly tender, without peculiar smell.
Quick bread with beer and Basil
133 - 40м -
Want to offer delicious, flavorful and fast cooking bread. And though it's not really sweet gift, however I want to give this tasty bread our culinary pug Casa and its owner Svatula.
Liquor "Tallinn yard"
132 - 30м -
Ask once don't throw sneakers, as it was in the options where as I have used beer. I have to say, this is not a ruff and was not even close. The taste is pale velvety flavor of chocolate and coffee flavor. Has a slight bitterness, still alcohol present.
Espuma cheese and beer
131 - 40м -
Espuma French culinary technique and the name of the dish, which is a heavy dense foam or mousse. I want to introduce to Your attention an unusual snack that will satisfy any company. One of the options, how do asumu.
Pancakes beer "fan"
124 - 50м 8
I represent to your attention the pancakes - for beer lovers and not only. I, in fact, a quiet man, but a fan forever :-) so after Euro 2012 has changed the TV as "old" was "killed". Now, watching the match in the worst case, the TV starts the pancake. Write, read and laugh how ridiculous it sounds :) So, rate yourself original taste my pancakes. BON APPETIT! Content in 100 g of product: Protein-9,6 g Carbohydrates 27.5 per g. Fat to 10.6 g. Caloric value-kcal 243,8.

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