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What to cook from Saffron more

0.6k - 40м 10
Indian dish with a very unusual and incredible flavor. The recipe originates from Singapore:) please Try it!
Chicken in peanut sauce "BAJ"
345 - - -
Sauce "BAJ" (BAJ) with chicken. This walnut-garlic sauce with seasonings. This dish is cooked in Western Georgia. Also, this sauce can be used for fried fish.
Shrimp in coconut milk in Mozambique
343 3.5 45м -
I sincerely wish you Bon appetite!
Pilaf, "Shah Jehan"
309 - 80м -
This pilaf is named after the great Shah Jahan, who was famous for construction of the great Taj Mahal. He was a patron of artists and musicians, appreciated poetry and painting. And of course was a foodie and Amateur gourmet.
Fish cakes "Tenderness"
305 - - -
Very tender, juicy burgers. Are prepared on time, however, as eaten. Nothing more. No flour, no semolina, and crackers, no starch. Keep their shape without the breading. Just that these fish cakes. Help yourself!
Spices "Garam masala"
303 5 20м -
Well, that got around to continue my story about "Method, Masala" the art of cooking spices. This time I want to tell you how to prepare such mixtures of spices as "Curry", "Tandoori Masala" and others. Tell you the example of the most popular blend in India and among the professional chefs of the highest skill. The use of this mixture in the dishes almost always ensures success, imparting unique flavors and absolutely stunning aroma.

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