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An unusual mulled wine "Heart"
310 - - -
In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.
Winter vitamin-energy drink
233 - 60м 10
In winter many do not have enough of summer and vitamins. This drink will perfectly cope with this task and will cheer you up, adding strength and energy!
Rose water
231 - - -
I had always heard about the recipes in which composition consists of rose water, but the store never met her. So I decided to cook it myself and share with you the recipe of its preparation.
Cognac home
227 - 3м 11
This recipe I read in a beautiful book, I tried to do and was not disappointed, very surprised guests. Poured in a beautiful bottle and said it was very expensive cognac. Don't know if this looks like brandy, but the fact that it is delicious and natural - exactly! Smells good, easy to drink, a natural product. And you try!
Tea made from pine needles and rose hips
209 - - -
In these winter days can be prepared vitamin tea of pine needles and dried rose hips! The drink is light, useful and with an interesting taste! For the first brewing it is advisable to take a smaller number of needles, not to get too resinous taste!
Drink "Multi-rosehip"
199 - 420м 1
The slow cooker is a wonderful thing: soup doing on the mode to "extinguish" drinks on the mode "soup" and then remembered about the mode " Stewed"! And came across bought dried rose hips. In the end the night slow cooker cooking, and in the morning we enjoy a healthy drink!

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