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Sorbetto "Pink, sparkling"
164 - - -
Sorbetto, sorbet, sorbet... one of the most popular summer desserts are cool, refreshing and delicious, it has many names and known since ancient times. The desserts served in tall glasses at the end of the meal, or between courses as a refreshing and invigorating treats. If you expected a party and you want to surprise your guests-instead of the berry drink take dry sparkling wine (pink). You will get light, low-alcohol beverage freezing!
Cake "Prosecco-peach"
155 - 90м 16
Monday is a hard day... But not for us! In your Birthday I want to treat everyone dear, beloved, wonderful Chefs birthday cake! A pleasant day to you! I love them all!!!
Solar dessert
119 - 15м 2
It's incredibly simple but delicious dessert perfect for hot weather. To make it simple, it looks very impressive, and will appeal to kiddies and adults.
Cocktail "Mimosa"
113 - - 2
I want to congratulate this incredibly delicious, aromatic, light, refreshing cocktail and all the chefs on the upcoming holiday of March 8! Happiness, luck, love and wonderful SPRING!
Terrine of summer berries
104 - 60м 6
This dessert should be prepared for several reasons. First, it is stunningly beautiful, secondly berries are very useful, and third, it is lightweight. In addition, to prepare this terrine is quite simple, just need time to jelly frozen.
Farfalle with peas and asparagus
92 - - 4
Pasta Divella Farfalle with green peas and green asparagus. Recipe from PARMALAT.

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