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What to cook from Bacon more

Salsiccia Stagionate
0.8k - - -
Italian cured sausage with fennel Salsiccia Stagionata.
The jugged hare "Dutch"
307 5 180м 8
Delicate rabbit meat stewed in a pot with prunes.
Soup "Moscow"
224 4 - -
The fourth collector from my collection. Very tasty, with the aroma of smoked meat... it is Better to try once!
Borsch with donuts "My way"
217 - 120м -
Yes, I know, there are many options of cooking soup, after reviewing all honestly, add your own version. It differs by cooking technique and the result is delicious, beautiful, fragrant soup with fresh summer vegetables. This recipe I want to dedicate to one wonderful boy, our sweet Natalka-Poltavka, our piratica (yohoho).
Pickle on-Kuban
215 - - -
Very interesting recipe. Soup so came to taste my husband that he literally snilsja two weeks, "Prepare... prepare me the soup again!" how can you resist... of course, cooked! It so turns out that the jubilee recipes, I always get the soup. Not especially, honestly. Here and now - 300-hundredth recipe... soup again...
Cutlets of Turkey breast "Smoked"
183 - 60м -
This recipe and the idea of cooking these cutlets I picked up from a famous chef Vasily Emelianenko. The recipe interested me, I decided to make some changes, in my opinion, the meatballs turned out even tastier. Gentle, light aroma of smoked meat and fresh greens, I think, like you, my friends.

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