The wine dry rosé

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Jam jelly with rose wine
279 - - -
Unusual dessert for adults. Nice as it is in itself, and as Supplement in other dishes.
Cake "Burning heart"
206 4 60м 10
Delicate sponge cake soaked with strawberries, wonderful fragrance filling, the airiness and lightness of cream... all in one lovely cake.. !
Pears in wine syrup "fashion Week"
117 - 150м 4
This dessert is small but delicious gift for all the fans of pears, but especially the main grosheide and Grushevoye site, our neighbor on the "Cook" Sarah (nuf_nuf), master cooking and sewing cases.
Frog legs in garlic sauce
112 5 60м 4
Cuisses de grenouille aux tomates et ail. Yesterday were treated to frog legs, and I was wondering what to cook with them. Here I found a suitable recipe. Prepared and tried frog legs for the first time. In General, I liked it. So if anyone of you need a recipe, I will be happy. So there you go...
Sorbet of grapes
110 - - -
To say that it is delicious - not to say anything... It's the food of the gods! Flavored dessert is incredibly refreshing.
Pie "Rendezvous"
103 - - -
Tart with the delicious taste of pumpkin and pears - ready. The dough is flaky yeast it is exceptionally gentle, so it a cake no one can resist. It's time to call the guests for tea!

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