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What to cook from Pike more

Jellied stuffed pike and Zander
1.5k - - -
Whether You love the stuffed pike? Juicy, tender and flavorful? I love it! Now imagine this magnificence in the fish jelly in the neighborhood with pieces of pike perch, on a platter surrounded by other Goodies on the festive Christmas table! The recipe, of course, time-consuming and the time is long, but very tasty! Especially for fish lovers! For a very "lazy" Housewives!
Stuffed pike
1.1k 3 90м 4
Actually, it's more, Banquet dish, but I think if you submit it in the evening, with candles, and even under wine...
Burgers pike "Tenderness"
1k - 60м 4
All the same, the addition of bacon makes burgers, not quite fish, and you want it to pike, tender cutlets. Especially if the fish You are 100% sure: You have a family fisherman and indulges You with delicious autumn fish ( I think that autumn is the most delicious fish). Here's my fisherman was glad and he pleased me. You can come back...
Pike "Princess"
1k 3 90м 4
My dream was to learn how to cook stuffed pike. After several attempts (successful, too) – the result is before you. Laborious dish to prepare, but worth it. DEAR COOKS! This pike is the Princess for YOU! Come...
Emelina pike
0.9k - 60м -
Stuffed pike will be a good addition to the festive table, moreover, it is possible to prepare in advance-the dish can be served not only hot but cold. What kind of fish is better and stuff? There is no need to invent something extraordinary and to run to the store in search of rare varieties. Suitable perch, and pike, and carp. Gefilte fish can be as original a snack or a full meal. Depending on how and what to submit it. Gefilte fish with almost any side dish would be out of place: boiled potatoes, rice, vegetables, baked apples. I changed the recipe a little added pork meat.
Pike stuffed with rice and egg
0.8k - 180м 18
Like fish, this dish will not leave indifferent. Prepared according to my recipe river "Queen" will appeal to fans of dishes from pike. Prepare gefilte pike together...

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