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Fish "VIP"
492 - 15м 2
+ video. Instant, easy, amazing, VIP fish recipe specially for "Matches+". Only one restaurant in the world was served a fish. It was in Libya, in Tripoli. Beautiful, two-story restaurant, near the Turkish Embassy. From the Windows overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Fate brought me together with the wife of the owner of this restaurant, ASMA al Shamas, I taught her English, we became friends and she often gave me "guest card" for my family. We could be the map to go to a restaurant and order any dinner or dinner on the house. The food there was served only fish and seafood. Chef Ramzi, a Lebanese by origin, was personally asked whether we are happy with the ordered dish. I left the country, like many of our compatriots, when NATO began to bomb the city. Thank you EMERCOM of Russia... chef Ramsay is already there, in light of recent events in the country, perhaps the restaurant too. There are only bright memories of happy, carefree days. I tried to play a special fish recipe in "black sauce". Moreover, I tried to make a video to show how quickly you can prepare this dish.
Marinated quail grilled
491 - 60м 4
Very tempting and delicious quail will delight Your family and guests!
Pressed pig ears
373 - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
Salad "fern Leaf"
344 - 20м 3
In the days of our youth was known for this salad. Hearty, not troublesome and beautiful. Along with a huge variety of novelties, he is one of the first disappears from the table. Who is familiar with it - I propose to recall, and who hears for the first time - prepare, it's worthy of Your attention.
The Turkey meatloaf with leeks
327 - - -
Rarely we can find the flesh of the Turkey, more calf to sell. Therefore, buying fillet thigh, I wanted to cook something interesting and unusual. Here's the roll came out in the end, flavorful, with a rich tangy sauce-glaze with tender juicy filling. For Saturday dinner at the time!
Sausages with honey and sesame seeds
318 - 20м 10
The recipe is very simple and often helps out at the picnic, especially when the barbecue is not ready yet or after a barbecue, if someone gets me hungry!

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