Cocoa mass

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Cake "Mozart"
483 - 60м 8
All lovers of chocolate the author of the excellent desserts Pierre hermé dedicates this cake... Crispy cinnamon cake combined with a delicate mousse of dark chocolate and apples. Umm.. it's really delicious. PS cooking Time: 1 hour provided exclusively for making the mousse for the cake. Cooking time of cakes is not taken into account. Link to the recipe for the cakes below
Chocolates handmade
308 - - -
Of course, buy a ready chocolate a lot easier, but the delicious home-made chocolate, prepared with love, will not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Handmade chocolates are very tasty, soulful and very easy. And this fun activities for adults and children and unique gift I want to give all of you congratulations happy new year, all the favorite holidays and wishes all the very bright and the fulfillment of all your dreams!
Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies
159 - 30м -
Crispy, fragrant, delicious cookies! Strong taste of chocolate! Simple and quick to prepare! Perfect for sitting with guests over a Cup of tea! Be sure to try! Sooo delicious!
Oatmeal-banana pancakes
141 5 50м 2
Again, improvise. The taste is amazing. Especially with marshmallows
Cake "Snickers"
127 - - -
Another variation of the cake in explanation of many favorite bars:) delicious! Cook - you will not regret! Look through all the recipes, just have not found. Help yourself!:) All of the cook happy new year!
Cake "waves of the Danube" with plum
125 - 60м 10
A very festive cake. Neither is inferior to cake. Delicate and airy sponge cake with plums, not less delicate custard.

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