Glucose syrup

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Mojito cocktail from tarragon
336 - 10м 1
All probably tried a Mojito. I suggest to try also with the tarragon. Just the summer is approaching, and the tarragon adds a taste of freshness and pleasant taste.
260 4 120м 15
Figurines of animals out of marshmallows :)
Cake "Momofuku"
217 - - -
MOMOFUKU BIRTHDAY CAKE. As he said Christina Tossi, the author of this recipe and co-owner of pastry shop "Momofuku milk bar" in new York, this cake is associated with her childhood memories about "delrodarcon" cake: soft cupcake cakes (from a ready mix), lots of sprinkles, aroma vanillin. Cakes "Momofuku Milk Bar" have their own characteristics: 1 Cakes are baked in a baking sheet 29*20cm, then cut out and assembled into a 16cm form. 2. The outside of the cake is coated with cream 3. Streusel between the 4 cakes. Impregnation of cakes. This cake has a specific sweet and salty taste with a slight acidity.
Muscovy cake "Space Christmas"
191 - 240м 7
If someone haven't tried moscovie cakes, offer a recipe. Sure that you are indifferent will not stay. Its unique taste makes the difference, it just melts in your mouth.
Cake "Surprise"
181 - - -
Tender hazelnut cake without flour. Banana and Bavarian mousse with white chocolate. Mirror glaze and a surprise when you cut the cake.
Biscuits "the Egg (or box) with a surprise"
171 - 180м 10
I spring is primarily associated with Easter (which in Europe was celebrated yesterday). As Easter is known to paint eggs. This time I decided to make eggs with their hands. And it's not just cookies. This is a real "casket", in which is hidden a surprise. Surprise your children, friends and family in such an unusual gift!

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