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Meatloaf with spinach and egg
303 4 - -
On Easter, painted a lot of eggs, now they have to eat. So I decided for lunch today to cook these meat rolls. What would the loaf was not dry, it begins with the spinach and... read more in the recipe. I can just say that the roll is tasty, as hot or cold.
Raspberry scallops
159 4 100м 6
Really wanted to have... Bought six escallops. The child did not eat the raspberries In the fridge... died soured milk... so are born open :)
Pork chop with pickled cucumber sauce
137 - - 4
Very interesting the taste of this dish, freshly-salted cucumbers combine well with meat. Yogurt sauce made the meat softer and tastier. Enjoy a new dish with family and friends.
Rolls stuffed with prunes wrapped in bacon
136 - 60м -
For buffet table need and hot snacks. Offer the option of pork rolls with prunes wrapped in bacon. Looks nice, is not troublesome. Help yourself.
Escalope simple
132 - 30м 2
A very simple recipe for cooking pork chop or pork chops. To prepare is so elementary simple that the person with the most vague idea about cooking could cook.
Patty "Gomel"
125 - 60м 6
The site already has a similar recipe, but my version is a few differences... although there is one common denominator - VERY hearty and tasty dish. Who are not familiar with it - try it!

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