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Dessert "Pavlova"
322 5 120м 10
"Pavlova" is a traditional Australian and new Zealand dessert. It is prepared and served at every occasion including weddings, engagements and other family events. Like any popular dish, this dessert has many variations. Dessert "Pavlova" is made in all the large restaurants in the world, it adorns the tables of the most fashionable cafes. In 1926, the great Russian ballerina, toured Australia and New Zealand, presenting its dance of local people and long remained in their memory. Australian Herbert Sachs, the chef of the hotel "Esplanade" invented this dessert in 1935 and named it in honor of Pavlova. Four years after the death of a ballerina. Now the words "the Pavlova cake" is understandable to all and the exact cause of the Association, as is still the word "pizza". Only the accent English people put all the wrong places, "On". Little bit sorry about the ballerina know not all now...
Puff pastry with currants and cream cheese
306 - 15м 16
My favourite Danish pastry! The pleasant texture of the crispy dough, mouth-watering curd tart with berries. Stunned how delicious!!!
Cake "Kreppel"
246 - - -
"Crepe" in French means a damn, "Kreppel" French pancake cake. Stumbled on the Internet on the rave reviews about this cake, the picture was just amazing. If you live in St. Petersburg, a real "Kreppel" you can always buy in "Auchan" or "Intersection". We, unfortunately, live in Arkhangelsk. We have "Kreppel" do not sell, and to try very much. Long rummaged on the Internet and realized that, as such, prescription "Craves" no, but I found this: "Getting into the hands of the recipe, of course, you will learn to cook cake Cripwell French cuisine just the way it is sold in stores. But something very similar will need. Moreover, this food is very delicious and belongs to the category "speed cooking." " Nothing specific, just General words. Were offered pancakes sandwiched with cream made of condensed milk with butter or custard. I decided to go the hard way.
Fruit and berry muffins "tutti-Frutti"
222 3 30м 15
You can utilize all kinds of fruits and berries. You can mix them with each other. Can portions or one large cake. In General, fantasy online. The recipe was draining, and I have honeysuckle and black currant
217 4.5 750м 10
"tomorrow at 7. 22 I will be in Borispol to sit in the plane and think about pilot to he is well-off and extremely well sat somewhere in Paris. And there is still a bit - and Provence... " Though behind the holidays that can prevent us to prepare a French Christmas dessert. Provencal Housewives on Christmas eve 3 laid the tablecloth, take out a 7-course, followed by 13 desserts... On the recommendation of the journal "Deli" I made only 2 desserts. Offer dessert No. 2.
Cake with ice cream
212 - - -
The taste is still reminiscent of ice cream candy "pigeon milk". I liked the combination of chocolate with vanilla ice cream. Easily and gently!

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