What to cook from Tarragon more

0.8k - 80м 4
Popular Swedish dish, which is served in restaurants (Planck - plate, stack the steak) - the steak on the plate. Look at the history of the dishes, I saw that this is not a Swedish dish, but Hungarian. In Hungarian this dish is called "fatanyeros". Seeing the store plank for cooking, I decided to buy them and prepare the dish at home. The result made me very happy! You can eat one of the favorite dishes, without spending a lot of money.
Mushroom soup
300 3 30м 3
light soup, prepared quickly, eaten quickly also!!!
Salmon with potatoes in cream-mustard sauce
296 3 - -
A tasty dinner.
Fish in Spanish style
284 5 45м 4
Hearty and very flavorful dish for dinner.
Chicken with garlic - festive
261 5 40м 8
Tasty, spicy chicken perfect for any occasion.
Vegetable broth from Gordon Ramsay
215 - 40м -
I again to You with the soup ))) this time — vegetable, which will then be used to prepare other meals.

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