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What to cook from Barley more

Unleavened bread
185 3 - -
The sourdough bread from sprouted wheat and sprouted barley.
Bread with seeds and grains
104 - 250м -
Once I purchased a slow cooker, the bread is baked frequently. Love fresh, homemade bread! I really like seeds.
Barley drink with foam
98 - 5м 1
This way of cooking barley drink which I made up myself includes foam which will appear itself.
North African barley soup
96 - 30м 6
In North African countries prepared a tasty barley soup. We were at the hotel for some reason, this soup is not given, and to the cafe we went (all inclusive he and in Africa the all inclusive). So she decided to prepare a favorite soup, a La Tunisia. I really liked it. Easy, vegetarian and at the same time hearty.
Brew "Simply and quickly"
95 - 720м 25
In the heat you really want to quench your thirst. The brew is a godsend for the summer season. Cooked very easily and quickly. Very tasty! I saw a similar recipe, but this one is different.
Cocktail of barley-milk with a banana
57 - 15м 4
Want to share a wonderful warming drink on the basis of the ground barley and hot milk with a delicate banana flavor and cinnamon finish.

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