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What to cook from Greens more

Salad "Autumn kiss"
2.3k 5 30м -
"Autumn kiss - a taste of ruby cherries, what a pity that nothing this summer, in front of the whole fall..." So sings Alla Pugacheva. We have already winter and everything worked out, i.e. left the salad.
Okroshka on kefir
2.1k 5 30м -
How I cook it. Love it on a hot summer afternoon.
Liver cake "For your loving husband"
1.9k 3 - -
Yes, another liver cake. But not normal, and with a secret. Rather, with a twist, which is the addition of buckwheat flour. It makes the cakes so tender, tasty, aromatic... My husband, a big fan of liver cake when he first tried, was ecstatic and said that the delicious liver cake still did not eat! Since only such specially for him!
Fish "Cardinal"
1.6k 3 30м 4
Very delicate fish that will appeal to all.
Cabbage rolls "Lazy"
1.5k 5 60м 6
Recipe from Leanna cook Jazzed. Very tasty and quick dinner. My husband stuffed not eating, and these meatballs for a sweet soul ate and praised!
Salad "Laura"
1.4k 5 15м 6
Awesome salad! As soon as the "eggplant th" season, all my family and friends in one voice ask for this delicious, simple and quick salad.

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