Chicken liver

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Salad with chicken liver
3.1k - 60м 6
A delicious layered salad with chicken liver for the festive table! All the ingredients are completely combined, it turns festive and sated!
Roast the liver and heart with vodka
1.5k - - -
A great dish for dinner, flavorful and tender.
1k - 60м 6
Maina - dish Jewish cuisine, prepared from sour or puff pastry. The meat part of the toppings for many can be from any of your favorite meats ( except pork ).
Jerusalem stew
1k 3 30м 4
Jerusalem stew (meurav of Yerushalmi) is a national dish in Israel. It is prepared in almost every family. Eat it in pita bread or any other side dish - potatoes, chips, rice, buckwheat, couscous. And serve it can be vegetable salad.
Salad "Geneva"
0.9k 4 60м 8
Very filling, tasty salad with chicken liver.
Soup with liver
0.8k 4 45м -
My kids are not always in ohotku eat the liver, as if she had not been prepared, except for this soup. Cooked very quickly!!!

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