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Soup "Two cans"
0.6k 3.5 - -
This soup is the champion for ease of preparation and taste!
Green soup "Swan song"
262 - 40м 6
A little soup all grandmother nursed.. And because we, the grandchildren, it was a lot! On a tiny pension she could not live, she managed all of us to please! Borschets I called Swan song: eat it in one sitting - and interesting to live!!! We were inspired intense heat on my grandmother's borschets from childhood: come the summer time that you don't want much dish of the test...
Mom's soup
262 - - -
This soup was invented by my mother in the years of perestroika. When we had no meat, pasta left much to be desired. Soup vkusnjashki, rich :)
Pasta spring
250 4 30м 4
I decided to try a little unusually, is very out delicious! Just yum!!!
233 - - -
This thick, nourishing, French peasant soup will warm you in any weather. The soup is very hearty and delicious.
Buckwheat pancakes with stewed meat
214 - 40м 3
Favorite since Soviet times buckwheat with stewed meat all does not give rest. But simply porridge with meat - it's corny. By combining the ideas of two other povarenkov (edaprosta and konfetasladkaa) (Thanks, girls!) and adding his recipe was born! Hearty, fatty, high-calorie, certainly not for Sornikov. But, delicious! I hope you like it...

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