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What to cook from Ice more

Cocktail "exit to Eden"
0.6k 3 5м 2
If now the unbearable heat... make a cocktail and will be much better!!!
Cocktail with glaze
372 3 25м 6
Chocolate shake with chocolate icing.
Mojito cocktail from tarragon
264 - 10м 1
All probably tried a Mojito. I suggest to try also with the tarragon. Just the summer is approaching, and the tarragon adds a taste of freshness and pleasant taste.
257 4.5 20м 2
Dessert cocktail.
Cocktail "virgin Mary"-"Virgin Mary"
257 - 5м 1
Cocktail "Virgin Mary" is made from tomato juice and not alcohol! But "Virgin Mary" relieves the symptoms of a hangover! In short it is what the doctor and myself, and we ordered as soon as after the holidays to work out! On decent airlines in this cocktail is served all ordered tomato juice. Tomato juice is very useful to drink during the flight!
Cocktail a La "Daiquiri" with melon
247 4 - 2
Very fragrant, sweet alcoholic cocktail with rum.

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