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Pickled cucumbers "Mom"
235 - - -
The recipe for these pickles I got from my mom. I can say that this is the most delicious pickles I've tried. Yes, and the method of cooking the marinade is different from all what I saw. Doing exactly as my mother taught me, and try as accurately as possible to bring this recipe to you. Immediately I apologize for the unnecessary details in the frame, but I not only shut the cucumbers, but at the same time cooking dinner and tried to communicate with the child.
Prababushkin tea
172 3 - -
My great-grandmother was the most kind, caring and simple woman. She lived in Belarus in the small village, this tea is it we do every time we have stayed with her. As she spoke, during her childhood and youth do not have black tea "elephant" (which she cherished as a treasure for our dear guests, is of course the cost of the war, which she survived with such difficulty and fear for their young children), and they brewed this tea. I loved this tea for its aroma, taste and stories about her youth, love and war, of course, she always told me over a Cup of tea...
Blank-freeze for vitamin juice
151 - 10м -
This year I tried to freeze the collection of the leaves of currant, raspberry, strawberry, etc. for the winter version of Morse. Liked the idea, I will do in the future. Let's try to you, because in these sheets contains a lot of vitamins, no less than in the berries, and place in the freezer an order of magnitude less than frozen berries. As an idea?
Strawberry tea
151 - 8м 5
It is summer and all the blooms and smells. It's time to brew this delicious herbal teas, because all the necessary ingredients grow in the garden! I offer delicious and fragrant strawberry tea.
Cask cucumbers pickling in a city apartment
144 - 15000м 100
Delicious, hearty pickles draught Ambassador in urban environments! Probably many of you love cucumbers draught Ambassador. But the market price of their bites! But it is very easy to pickle barrel pickles on their own, and - in an urban apartment! The only thing BUT - should store them in the fridge! For these cucumbers I specifically purchased a container of food grade plastic, which perfectly fit into the space of our small refrigerator for storage. Very convenient-no need to mess with the banks, wash them, sterilize and constantly fear that they will break. If you have the ability to store cucumbers in the cellar is great!
Tomatoes "Krasnodar"
140 - 40м 3
Very tasty, fragrant, super-vitamin tomatoes for the winter! Try it, you will love it!

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