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What to cook from Meal more

Lean unleavened bread "Favorite"
225 - 15м 12
Some months bake this bread. He became my favorite. Why? Because it's delicious, healthy - rich in fiber and dietary fiber, b vitamins and trace elements, is baked very quickly and this bread in the store just can not buy! The composition of the led itself, completely eliminating white refined flour, devoid of all beneficial properties. Now in the Post, I thought it would be appropriate to show the whole process of cooking. Maybe someone of you Cooks, and useful...
Lean crunchy
137 - 10м -
The site already has a few recipes of bread, but my version is slightly different. I tried to do with different compositions and this one I liked the most. The bread is soft and similar to "peasant" bread without yeast. Very hearty and healthy, perfect for snacking.
Crusty bread "Crunch"
129 - - -
We love to eat. Crackers, is everything. I completely experimentally turned out incredibly crispy bread in the form of rolls. The whole family crunches with pleasure. And need meal: oat bran, flour, germ, grain, and flour from pumpkin seeds.
Mushrooms in a walnut-cheese sauce
121 - 35м 4
This recipe won me over with the sauce. If in a recipe the word "nuts " - sure, the result simply can not be tasteless. Pretty quick, original and very tasty dish. He has one drawback - very high in calories... But winter is coming and we can slightly relax - isn't it?

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