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What to cook from Cheese more

Salad "Mistress of copper mountain"
1k 4.5 45м 8
Beautifully decorated chicken salad
Salad "Witch"
0.7k - - -
Hello! I want to offer to Your attention an interesting salad: easy to prepare and very tasty.
Salad of crab sticks with beetroot
418 5 20м 6
Crab salad with beets and smoked cheese
Meat "Jelly"
292 3 70м 8
This name, because the meat is wrapped in an unusual way and with the filling inside, so we decided to call it. The meat turns out tender, juicy and flavorful. Suitable for everyday table, and quite worthy of a holiday feast.
Meatloaf "Spring gift"
277 3 90м -
Here's a spring gift, I created my beloved daddy, our precious, the kindest in the world grandfather! Oh, and he was delighted when I told him that he can participate in the contest "Spring in the heart," well, just blossomed! With great enthusiasm, dad took over and made awesome-tasty meat loaf stuffed with fresh cucumbers, pomidorchiki, onions and cheese, and the top is decorated with smoked brisket!!! Powerade, a must try, very well vkusneishee dish, juicy, flavorful, with a delicate flavor of spring freshness!
Casserole of macaroni
236 5 - -
Very tasty zapiekanka.

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