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What to cook from Sausage more

0.6k 5 50м 5
Somehow my husband was fascinated by the TV series "the Sopranos," in this series the characters are constantly eating some kind of dish called Ziti. Ate with a good appetite, so we also wanted to try what it is. The recipe was found online, adapted themselves and were preparing constantly. So if you love pasta, sausage, tomato sauce and cheese, you too will surely enjoy this recipe.
"The frogs on the bump"
400 - 50м 3
The prototype of this dish was the recipe of an English chef Jamie Oliver "toad in the hole". But after changing some things in the original and seeing the result, I decided to call it "Frogs on the bump". Do not faint, you won't have to mess with these frogs, it's just sausages in the test.
A La bigos
325 3 50м -
Braised cabbage with sausages.
Sausages with honey and sesame seeds
320 - 20м 10
The recipe is very simple and often helps out at the picnic, especially when the barbecue is not ready yet or after a barbecue, if someone gets me hungry!
Scrambled eggs "In the window"
268 3 10м 2
Saw something like this already on the site, but I have a little bit different. Can someone come in handy.
Buckwheat casserole with sausage links topped with tomato crust
267 - 30м 3
Fragrant casserole of buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral" with fried vegetables in tomato sauce and delicious sausage with cheese-tomato crust will appeal especially to children. Quick, tasty and fragrant!

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