Oil palm

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Muamba chicken
0.9k 5 120м -
Muamba chicken is very famous dish from the Angolan national cuisine. Very popular in Portugal, among fans of Afro-Brazilian cooking, the main characteristic is the use of palm oil. Palm oil is known to mankind more than 5000 years, is very rich in vitamin a, produced from the fruit of the palm Elaeis guineensis, it has a characteristic orange color and specific taste.
Pasta with a sauce of palm oil
287 4 20м 4
Rich in vitamins. Daily amount required for women vitamins. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Appetizer "Solar Coca"
130 - - -
I want to offer you a very interesting African (Cameroonian version) dish. "Coke" (accent on the last syllable) is something like a snack cake, without them can not do any holiday table. A bit laborious preparation of beans, but then everything is very simple. Mother-in-law, a great cook, taught me the secrets of cooking this dish. Taste something incredible, I didn't tried it outside Cameroon.

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