Syrup almond

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Cake "Robin"
298 - 240м 16
Tender and flavorful, exquisite and sweet dessert. Two layers of airy mousse, bright touch of raspberry jelly and a rich taste of almond biscuit framed with whipped cream. The perfect ending to the holiday table, especially good for tea with lemon.
Shemalenova-raspberry cake "mango-Mango"
260 - - -
Friends came from tropical countries and completed my huge request - brought mango. Very much I love this fruit, and in Siberia, though they are sold at a 70 PE thing, but it is absolutely tasteless, wooden. So I fulfilled my dream to bake a cake with mango souffle. Precast recipe from several recipes, got from the Internet, tweaked to the tastes of our family gathered in a pile. But was inspired by a cake cook havroshechka with mango mousse. Thank you very much, indeed. The cake was very big, tender, juicy, like a cloud of weightless, sour, not sugary-sweet. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, very tasty. I think it's the most delicious cake I've baked. Welcome to the table, pour the tea, well, or who likes what, help yourself
Christmas poppy seed cake
245 - 60м 12
Long before Christmas the house starts to smell wonderful festive, special pastries, the recipes of which are passed on from generation to generation. The menu is planned in advance, purchased products and for the week before Christmas baking starts. Offer a recipe of poppy seed cake (Polish cuisine) from Victoria POPIN is moderately sweet poppy cake delicate texture. For me it is still more pie, but the author - the cake! In Polish Tort makowy
Cake with forest nuts and sweets "Giotto"
208 - - -
Giotto Torte. Delicious nut cake.
Cocktail "Luba, Lyubonka, Lyubasha"
175 - - -
This cocktail dedicate the first visitor, the first scullion, who suggested the name of our bar, our dear Lyubasha (the photo gallery)!
Dessert "Three wishes for Cinderella"
175 - - -
Versatile and delicate bouquet of flavors and aromas of the dessert will make You softness and lightness. The name is associated with the fact that it combines the three flavors of walnut, coconut and almond.

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