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Bread made from millet flour gluten free
233 - 60м 4
Very tasty, soft, long does not get stale, does not crumble... you Interested? Are we making? I repeat, but still wanted to say to everyone who would like to try to bake this bread, but bizarre foods:quinoa flour, psyllium scare you away. No need to worry. I will help to make bread from your flour without gluten. Write, do not hesitate. Together we will succeed. I promise you that!
Coconut bar
229 5 - -
Multigrain porridge "Tropical Paradise"
198 5 - -
With what do you associate the tropics? Personally, I have to rest, and with coconuts, bananas and oranges... these are the ingredients of this delicious and healthy cereal with a rich coconut note. A nice addition would be baked with orange juice and bananas. Let's dive into a relaxing atmosphere!
Rice cookies "Mushrooms"
185 - 35м 4
Biscuit based on rice flour - a great meatless recipe shortbread pastry. I made cookies in the shape of mushrooms, to highlight its vegan nature. "Mushrooms" with a pleasant soft-crumbly texture. Anise flavor blends wonderfully with the aroma of coconut sugar. Gluten-free and beseechingly recipe. Tapioca starch can be replaced by another, anise - another fragrant additive coconut sugar is normal. The liver can make any shape what you like.
Unleavened bread in the sandwich maker
165 - 30м -
A few years ago I had to radically revise your diet, go to the baking without gluten and casein. Such cakes are more fragile, so you have to be very inventive. Here's one of my recipes. It turns out a portion of bread for sandwiches, for example. Convenient to take to work, children to school etc.. can Adapt to baked goods made with any flour. This is my first recipe published on the site, so please do not criticize me much if possible.
Pumpkin scones from gluten-free flour
164 - 40м 8
I made some wonderful healing chicken soup. And broth, as usual, I always bake my rolls. But as it turned out, a nasty surprise, however, that the meal left me very little and it was all different, besides, most of the flour from millet and rice. Because the flour I make myself, and by the special method, by a simple trip to the store then, as you know, will not get off.)But millet makes the cakes quite dense. And with rice flour, I have not experimented.. But as they say:"Hunting - forest captivity!". If I have something this crazy notion, it is useless to resist!. I do know myself. Decided to add more pumpkin, eggs for the pomp -and please -the result of my culinary anxieties - a surprisingly good buns. The buns turned out soft, fragrant and delicious. The recipe, by far, will take pride of place in my culinary book. At the same time, I decided to share with you the recipe. I hope you will like them as well as me. Dear cooks! I understand that my gluten-free recipes seem pretty exotic, but to be honest, everything can be cooked from the flour of 2 types. Let this not discourage you. And if you have the curiosity, the desire to bake something gluten-free, I'll be happy to help. And adapt your recipes to your possibilities!

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