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What to cook from Granola more

Plum-chocolate terrine with crunchy granola
133 - 60м 10
Offer to your attention a wonderful dessert, very chocolate, very berry, with a slight rustling, which gives a dense sprinkling of granola.
Muffins with pear and granola
132 - 40м 10
It's the season for pears, but they have rot, and I love greenish. And sweet, ripe pears go great with cakes or muffins. Please try these muffins with pecan granola.
Dessert with coconut jelly and pumpkin
130 - - -
Dessert with coconut jelly, granola and pumpkin puree. I cooked the soup-puree of pumpkin, but too many it was baked. Puree left. Here she found a cobbler to pumpkin not lost. It turned out great.
Layered dessert with granola
119 - - -
Useful delicious? Why not?!! Dessert can be not only tasty, but also useful.
Muffins with granola
98 - 30м -
The grains in the test. What could be tastier?!
Oatmeal cookie granola
70 - 15м 18
Most popular cookies using oatmeal is easy to prepare, healthy, tasty and has many different variations. In your recipe instead of oat flakes for the dough I used granola. It's all the same flakes baked with honey. dried fruits and nuts.

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