Powder mushroom

What to cook from Powder mushroom more

Grandfather's soup with a quenelle of buckwheat
343 - - -
A delicious soup with the mushroom aroma and delicate cheese quenelle. A rich, nourishing, aromatic - it is fine to diversify Your dining menu.
Cold meats in pots
335 - 100м 5
Stewed cuts of tongue, heart, and pork belly is already delicious, but I will add some dried porcini mushrooms and fried potatoes, but baked it all in the pot. Help yourself.
Chicken with buckwheat "the Dream mistress"
257 - - -
Tender, juicy chicken... With a side dish of crisp, fragrant buckwheat... Delicious! Preparing this meal will take you less than an hour with the minimum your participation. Well, perhaps this dish is not the dream of any housewife?
Pork rolls with cheese
185 - 60м 5
Pretty quickly made and quickly eaten.
Hodgepodge "Mushroom Paradise"
178 - 60м 5
Mushroom dishes like nothing out during lent. Rich in taste, easy to make and beautiful when applying. And this is important, I'll tell You. In the bag will meet dried mushrooms, frozen and pickled, arch I all this beauty powder from dried porcini mushrooms. Help yourself.
Crumbly buckwheat porridge with mushrooms
154 - - -
Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms is a traditional Russian dish, nutritious and delicious!

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