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Charlotte from buddy, Valastro
296 - 40м -
When we had the TLC channel, I watched with interest all programs with buddy, Valastro, but basically it was a program about cakes. Decided to find in the Internet something of his recipes and came across this recipe Charlotte. Baked - loved it. Now ready to share this wonderful find with you. Just apologize for not going to paint in steps, since I usually have no time to photograph the process and I'm only photographing the end result.
Cake "Apple-Muscovy"
134 - 40м 10
Here is a recipe found in a German magazine. Slightly altered to your taste. The Germans offered to make marmalade with yablochnogo wine. But when I was poprobuu recommended wine... I thought it was more like Apple cider vinegar. And decided to take just Apple juice. The dough is flaky. On the bottom took leavened puff, but it wasn't necessary in the recipe was a simple puff. So it turned out very tender cake, with a taste of Apple!!! Who loves everything Apple, this cake is for you!
Christmas Apple pie
124 - 60м 18
Luxury Christmas cake! I was immediately attracted to its ingredients with a wonderful rich taste - with a loose, crumbly structure of the test and an unforgettable aroma! This delicious cakes want to give a beautiful, responsive scullion - the Tick (Galchonok22)!
Luscious chocolate brownie yogurt
122 - - -
I want to offer the recipe is delicious, fragrant, juicy chocolate cake. The dough contains natural yogurt, applesauce, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips. Took the recipe from Silvia, thank her very much.
Puffs with peach mousse
120 - 30м 7
Puff!! Who doesn't love these delicious puffs! On the website I found 100 of options. Therefore, surprise you will not be easy! But I'll try. So, I combined two recipes, it turned out well. So I decided to share with you.
Cake "!!!"
113 4 35м -
A real pleasure for moist and airy chocolate base.

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