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What to cook from Carob more

Salad harmony "I am the most charming and adorable"
249 - 20м 1
Many ask how having three children, be a fan of cooking, adore chocolate and keep a slim figure. Come on, tell. Only faint not to fall! :)
Ginger smoothie
164 - 5м 2
Light, refreshing and healthy smoothie! :) Low calorie content allows you to include it in part of many diets, and the addition of carob makes this drink sweet and pleasant taste.
Tropical vegan cupcakes
148 - 40м 12
There are no empty calories - just useful! Muffins without sugar, but very sweet. Without milk and eggs, but lush. And what fragrant, because their coconut oil, dates, banana, orange juice. Believe me, they are worth a try!
Rice-corn muffins
147 - 90м 6
My dear cooks, familiar and not, this cake I wanted to celebrate my little anniversary, today is exactly a year since I registered on the site and this is my 50th recipe! Help yourself!
Smoothies banana chocolate yogurt
145 - 5м 1
Drink for those who can't have sugar and chocolate, but really want to!!! 100% good combination: chocolate flavor, yogurt acidity, sweetness of fruit and the use of carob!
Light cupcakes with peanut
143 - 15м 12
Delicious diet muffins for tea

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