Syrup coconut

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Peach smoothie with a twist
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In the summer and a hot day snack in a smoothie, always welcome! There are thousands of recipes, and I want to offer another one - with a juicy peach and original additions to it. Come on "light" to enjoy and cool off)))
Cake "happy birthday"
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Childhood is just amazing time.. the time when the tale hiding behind the door, you only need to reach out and let her into the room.. and then, for sure.. suddenly the clouds start dancing.. and a grasshopper would play the violin.. and maybe DAY JAM arrive suddenly a magician in a blue helicopter.. happy BIRTHDAY to congratulate, and probably will leave a gift of a CAKE ... and since the birthday boy is three years old, the cakes should be airy and crumbly from wheat and oat flour.. and cream like the light airy cloud of delicate baby.. as a treat from apples and cream.. when I was a kid, every birthday was bright and memorable.. I was surrounded by a huge number of friends.. the air was riddled with careless infinite joy.. happiness.. and like any kid, I loved cartoons and fairy tales.. and like Carlson, birthday we called a DAY JAM..

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