Almond milk

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Pumpkin soup
203 - - -
Traditionally, in autumn I'm drawn to different pumpkin dishes! We in America at this time everywhere you look, obazatelno see a pumpkin. And of course all the restaurants and cafes in the menu a variety of dishes from pumpkin. I suggest you try is very tasty easy soup. Very easy to prepare, minimal ingredients and that is not unimportant, it can be frozen up to 3 months! Help yourself!!!
Pumpkin cream soup with almond milk
180 - 30м 3
Tender and spicy pumpkin soup nice variety to Your menu.
Three smoothies for Breakfast
177 - - -
For the lovely ladies, lovely ladies smoothies I drink in the evenings Without the smoothie I like and without dam As a day to live, I do not know myself. For the lovely ladies to you lovely ladies I'll make myself a smoothie And I take the Mistral for the lovely ladies!
Ginger smoothie
164 - 5м 2
Light, refreshing and healthy smoothie! :) Low calorie content allows you to include it in part of many diets, and the addition of carob makes this drink sweet and pleasant taste.
Almond milk with spices
158 - 15м 1
Bright, fragrant and delicious drink!
Breakfast "November's vitamin"
153 - 5м 1
I propose you today to try incredibly easy, delicious and healthy smoothie (a cocktail, if you want) that will fill you with strength and give energy at least until a late lunch! Only benefit! Only vitamins! What else is lacking to us in November? Maybe only sun and sea, but that's another story...

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