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Portuguese pumpkin cake "Bolo Mimoso"
290 - - -
So today we have Bolo de abóbora ou "bolo mimoso". So long and complicated name of this absolutely delicious pie. I made it to Marishkina prom. I would not say that it pumpkin. He's not from the pumpkin, and the pumpkin. I would call it "Almond orange cake with pumpkin"! However, the recipe is so famous and popular that it was even included in the book "100 best recipes. The masterpieces of cooks of the world". In short, a classic, and hence, nothing can not be changed, including the name. The multicomponent recipe, ingredients in a cake a lot, and cooking I would not call easy, at least it's not fast. In General, pie is not simple, but... you won't regret a single moment of wasted time and effort, as soon as the bite and the first bite! Pie is just fantastic! Air almond paste, soaked with an orange syrup, cinnamon, juicy slices of pumpkin and all this on a crispy shortbread crust! Here's a long preamble, but I can't describe this cake in two words, two words do not say anything and not Express my delight. But, not so devil as he is painted, let's get us!
Cupcakes at cherry yogurt
151 - 40м 12
Offer to prepare simple, delicate, airy, porous cupcakes at cherry yogurt. Can be varied with different additives and each time you have a new pastry that never gets old. A wonderful option for picnics, snacks for the kiddies in school.
Raspberry sorbet with the taste of a tea rose
145 - 240м 1
Sorbet is probably the most delicious summer dessert. Sweet and cold, a thick pottage of fruits is loved by both adults and children. Sorbet can be called a diet dessert, because the calories in it a little, and a lot of vitamins. Sorbet can be done from practically any berries and fruits, as long as they were quite juicy.
Sweet rolls of puff pastry
144 - 40м 5
Delicious scones that can be quickly prepared for the arrival of unexpected guests.
Apple pie with pudding
143 - - -
The recipe for this cake I found on a cooking website a friendly Poland. And I want to dedicate it to the man... who was the first to guess its name :)) did everyone know? That's right... Apple pie, only in Polish version... :)
Rose tea
138 - 10м 4
Very flavorful preparation.

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