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What to cook from Len more

Oatmeal cookies with sesame and flax
0.6k - - -
Healthy and delicious cookies, besides being prepared quickly and easily.
Gram crackers
158 - - -
Crispy and crunchy will appeal to those who "dieting". Good bread with soft cheese, honey, and themselves. Try it!
Rye bread kvass
150 - 120м -
The recipe for this bread I had spontaneously, looking through all the recipes that use brew. Try it and you, what a wonderful taste of this bread turned out. I want to dedicate this bread, a wonderful cook, Svetlana (Svetlana g980). Let's start...
Rye bread on sourdough
141 - 340м 1
Girls, you know there are a lot of recipes for rye bread, but maybe someone will be interesting my version. Bread is made on sourdough, a long process, but it's worth it. The bread turned out rather compact, not crumbly. The entire brown crust roasted.
Carrot bread with sunflower seeds in the bread maker
133 - 90м 6
Carrot bread with flax and sunflower seeds. You can add what you want seeds. It turns out sweet. If butter to eat - like pie (not too sweet)
Bread with flax seed and sunflower
131 4 - -
For lovers of bread with beans. Particularly lovers of sunflower seeds dedicated ))) This is one of my favorite recipes because bread contains lots of seeds.

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