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485 3.5 - -
Very tasty home-made sausages cooked on the coals
Pate of duck with cranberry sauce
235 - 200м -
The Pat came to us from France. This appetizer is a cross between meat loaf, pate and homemade sausages. But unlike, say, the pate from pate firmer, rough texture.
177 - 60м 6
Simple and very tasty dish of Cypriot cuisine! A worthy rival of the barbecue! Economical and quick to prepare.
Assorted kebabs with homemade pita bread
158 - 500м 10
Here's a delicious cooked on may 9 last year. Fun was the sea, because it was really tasty and varied. Tasty holidays to you, friends!
156 - 30м 6
Zhauzhurek is a traditional Kazakh dish which is prepared from the offal of a sheep, usually right after he slaughtered. The dish is very simple, but cooked very quickly, and of course it turns out very tasty! Also, zhauzhurek can be cooked on the grill.
A kebab Hanski
152 - - -
A kebab Hanski - the most unusual barbecue I was doing and ate. Barbecue for lovers of the liver, however, and for non-fans too, because the liver becomes so delicious that I'm surprised you haven't eaten it before? About me in the first place! :)

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