Breast of Turkey

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Soup "anime"
0.9k - - 5
Fragrant soup in explanation ramen for fans of anime children, and all adult fans of spicy - fragrant Chinese - Korean - Japanese cuisine. In our family, this soup today is the most loved and sought after by all family members. Dedicated to my dear and super gorgeous friend Natasha Kuss!!!
Schnitzel of Turkey with Apple and spinach
303 3 40м 4
The meat is tasty and juicy. You can also cook a chicken breast. You can add a little broth. My recipe personally, coincidences happen. Serves 4 for 2 pieces For a side dish you can serve a vegetable salad, mashed potatoes or rice.
SHAWARMA-style fyuzhn
272 3.7 10м 4
Where are we going? what to eat? so I gave in, but something you want to eat...
Soup with Turkey meatballs "Spring"
197 - 45м 6
This soup is easy enough and very delicious! If you avoid frying vegetables, I think that its nutritional value has increased, but we like it this way!
Lagman of birds nogata
174 4 - -
So called because I found out the origin forgotten in the refrigerator meat only after cooking. It was an ostrich. But even without these horrors is a delicious dish that can be prepared from any meat or poultry... But this and the first and second!
Cream soup with mushrooms and meat
158 - 40м -
This is my version of the much popular now a cream-soup from mushrooms. Hope You enjoy, Bon appetite!

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