Minced soya

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Gluten-free pasta with sauce and tofu
235 - 30м 1
This dish is perfect for people with gluten intolerance and vegetarians.
Peppers stuffed with SOY mince
162 4 60м 3
You don't eat soy? And do not dissemble! She is always on the table: sausage, butter, condensed milk. And I have the peppers! Make sure!
Dumplings , dumplings
142 4 40м 1
Come girlfriends, and everyone has different tastes you're not bad for everyone and for all tastes . Meatless dishes. To the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
132 - - 4
If fasting is very strict, and seafood is allowed only in non-strict to his days. It turns out that if fishauf (Fishloaf) and, meatloaf (Meatloaf) certainly can not. Offers the perfect alternative - salouf (Soyloaf). Everyone knows that with a reasonable consumption, soy has a lot of nutrients: b vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B4, B5, B6, B9), beta-carotene (vitamin a), vitamins C, E, N. Soya is rich with microelements, among which in addition to sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium contains phosphorus, iron, iodine, boron, zinc. Due to the high percentage of protein content, soy is a real find for vegetarians. However, soybeans can bring tremendous benefits to people suffering from a number of diseases. The products based on them are recommended for ulcers, gastritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis. Boyloaf can be submitted on the holiday table as snacks and no one will know what the prepared dish, because it creates the impression that it is a meat dish.
Dumplings with potatoes and soy meat
126 4 60м 1
A delicious and hearty dish for fasting. The competition "Fast from Moulinex"
Stuffed in Leningrad (with soy beef)
112 4 30м 1
Quick , hearty, meatless dish . Suitable for eating during lent. To the contest "Fast from Moulinex"

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