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What to cook from Acorn more

Coffee drink made from acorns
169 - 120м -
All kind time of day! I come to you today with an unusual recipe, but very healthy and tasty, who cares, welcome!
Sweet cakes of acorn flour and flour from acorns
137 - 30м 3
Anyone interested in my recipe for a coffee drink made from acorns, I propose to continue the acquaintance with this wonder-fruit is an acorn and try an unusual, but very tasty cakes. Suitable for a gluten-free diet
Pudding from acorn grits with cranberry sauce
114 - 120м 6
I offer unusual, tasty and healthy pudding from acorn grits. Delicate nutty taste, slightly sour cranberry sauce and the benefits bestowed upon us by nature, it's just taste divine!!!

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