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Chocolate sauce "fit-Express"
0.5k - 5м -
I represent to your attention diet chocolate sauce. For watering the pieces of the pie just before serving to impregnate, etc. a Product in haste. BON APPETIT! The weight of the finished sauce 160 g Content in 100 g of product: Protein 12.4 g; Carbohydrates-25,2 g; Fat 1.6 g; Calories-165 kcal.
Round doughnuts with ricotta
297 - 50м 2
A quick and tasty dessert. It turns out very tender and crispy.
Cocktail "Freshness with pepper"
211 - - 2
I represent to your attention very easy to prepare, full of vitamins cocktail that has conquered his taste of me, my family and friends. At any time of the day will put you on your feet and give positive energy. Help yourself to health.
Carrot cake "Pro-fit"
188 - 70м -
I present to you the option of carrot cake with a minimal amount of fat. Suitable for all who have a sweet tooth and at the same time wants not to have too much calories. Useful and nutritious. I ask to appreciate. BON APPETIT! The weight of the cake 1200 g Contents in 100 g of product: Protein-7,6 g Carbohydrates-22,25 g; Fat 4.3 g; Calories-159 kcal.
Smoothie "Banana-Kiwi-Spinach"
166 - 2м 2
A refreshing recipe for a smoothie for Breakfast! Thanks to the spinach, this smoothie helps to strengthen vision, and energizes for the whole day!
Chocolate smoothie "Holiday!"
142 - 10м 2
It's a delicious chocolate - non-dairy smoothies! That you to the cake!

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