Sauce fruit

What to cook from Sauce fruit more

Chicken Chinese style on a few
198 - 60м 2
The sauce will add steam to the chicken rich flavor and aroma. Use and enjoyment all in one.
Warm salad with chicken liver flambe
192 - 20м 2
Warm salad with chicken liver flambe and cranberry sauce. Delicious, spicy salad of crispy lettuce, tender chicken liver with a delicious sweet and sour cranberry dressing. The idea of design many thanks to Ruletka.
Grilled sausages and spicy sour cream sauce
166 - 15м 2
Tasty, simple, affordable, and most importantly satisfying! The sauce is quite interesting - spicy and flavorful!
Warm salad with beef
158 - 60м 2
This salad is not only delicious, but also extremely useful! Fiber, lots of vitamins and minerals. In General, enjoy the benefit of business.
147 5 140м 4
Ancient recipe Russian cuisine. To originality is not intended because I changed it a bit. A great alternative to bored, probably all the usual roast. It's much tastier.
Beef taiga
145 - 30м 2
This is a dish I ate at one of the restaurants of Russian cuisine in our city. This is their signature recipe. I loved the combination of meat and cranberries, and when I saw that there will be a contest with cranberry sauce, decided that I just have to repeat. The meat was very juicy and flavorful. Husband when tried, was immediately recognized in him what I ate in the restaurant and said that I got even tastier.

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