Berry sauce

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Duck grilled in cranberry marinade
387 5 40м -
In the hustle and bustle of urban life as it is rarely possible to gather the whole family, pour a glass of good wine, to have a leisurely talk and in a hurry. This Saturday for dinner I cooked duck fillet under a very interesting marinade. With crispy salad and "ringing" flavors of pomegranate, the duck was simply delicious. Come visit - will be served!
Salad "Bon Appetit"
310 - - -
Suggest you try a very simple and delicious salad Austrian cuisine. Easily and quickly prepared and easily consumed!))) I found a recipe in my favorite cooking magazine "Bon Appetit", hence the name of the salad. Help yourself!
A La carte salad-mousse
277 - 20м 2
This mousse is for those who enjoy light, uncomplicated, but impressive appetizers. Saving time and compliments will be provided to you.
Pate of duck with cranberry sauce
239 - 200м -
The Pat came to us from France. This appetizer is a cross between meat loaf, pate and homemade sausages. But unlike, say, the pate from pate firmer, rough texture.
Toast "Roquefort"
225 - - -
It is very tasty! Crunchy toast, sweet pear, gentle tartness of cranberry sauce, and all framed Roquefort cheese! Mmmm! I advise you to try!
Dessert layers
185 - 80м 3
This dessert is very easy to prepare, and how tasty...

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