What to cook from Pitahaya more

Smoothie "Trang"
191 - 5м 2
Staying here was like 3 months in Vietnam, we tried a bunch of different tropical cocktails and smoothies, experimenting in the kitchen with the blender yourself, but still, in my opinion, it's not tried. With you I want to share with one of the most successful alcoholic drinks, which comes out at the same time soft, juicy and refreshing.
Easy dessert of mango and pitahaya
119 - 5м 2
Delicious easy exotic dessert.
Fruit in fancy flow
108 - 15м 10
Decorate the table with gifts of fruit great Family, real and fabulous vases. Pleasing to the eye and pampers Your body with vitamins.
Fruit salad "dragon's Eye"
106 4 - -
The name of the salad matches the name of the fruit "dragon's Eye". The taste of this, very strange fruit, a bit reminiscent of a strawberry or strawberries. Contains a lot of vitamin C, rapidly quenches thirst and comes in two colors - red and white. I brought a few of these fruits from Thailand and prepared a salad, was very tasty!
Salad "Dream dragon"
102 - 10м 4
In Malaysia, Thailand or Mexico, this fruit is also known, as we do pears. It doesn't matter that he is a prickly cactus - succulent and bright fruit of worth it rip! His names vary, pitaya, pitahaya... but are often sold under the label "fruit of the dragon." Although accurately describing his pale, refreshing, slightly sour taste, in one of the languages fruit called "strawberry pear"! I use it mainly as part of fruit salads. But I have a more unusual option! So, how to surprise guests!

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