What to cook from Broccoletti more

Stuffed omelet with a side of broccoli
356 - 30м 1
Very delicate, airy omelet stuffed with mushrooms, with a side dish of broccoli (baby broccoli) with sauce Bechamel. The delicate taste of the omelet goes well with fried mushrooms, slightly-warmed buds baby broccoli and creamy, slightly lemony, flavor of the sauce. Great for Breakfast on the weekend.
Toast with goat cheese and broccoletti
129 - 30м 1
This recipe is another quite simple but very delicious dishes from the transfer Ilya Lazerson "Breakfast in bed". This dish combines a unique aroma and taste of roasted sweet peppers with a delicate flavor and texture of goat cheese, olive oil and a nice viscosity ciabatta. All this is set off by a light sweet-and-sour sauce of balsamic vinegar and the salty and tart taste of olives.
Hearty Sunday Breakfast
121 - 60м 1
Sometimes in the day you can afford to sleep a little longer, then it often replaces Breakfast and Breakfast and lunch (lunch). This recipe is a version of this hearty Breakfast. It consists of scallops cooked in a su (or just in the pan) with a side dish of baby broccoli (broccoletti), supplemented by a few slices of smoked salmon and fried banana. Recipe for baby broccoli in sauce Provencale I posted separately, but here, for convenience, included it in step-by-step cooking.
Baby broccoli in sauce Provencale
101 - 20м 1
Baby broccoli or broccoli or broccoletti (all of these names belong to the same plant) it's pretty gentle product. Often do eat the stems, but in this recipe I use only the most tender buds and cook them quite a bit. The stems need to cook longer and inflorescence obtained prigotovlenie. Pleasant and delicate flavor of baby broccoli in combination with the savory taste of classic French sauce mayonnaise gives quite an interesting bouquet. I like tomatoes and onions in the sauce leave the pieces (they are in the preparation of the sauce are soft), but if You want to more tender - before adding the broccoli sauce grind in a blender. Dish is you can cook Breakfast on a day off or serve as an appetizer on the holiday table. Can be used as a vegetable side dish.
Broccoletti, spicy
98 - 20м 5
Leafy vegetables – could not be easier. In the daily menu of every Italian family mostly vegetables, fruits and herbs. The herbs are broccoletti (not to be confused with broccoli), chicory/cicoria, spinach/spinaci and many others. Broccoletti, Cime di rapa, Rapini, Broccoli di rape - a lot of names that "hidden" barely formed buds of the tops of the tops of the most ordinary turnips. They are used in dishes of the Neapolitan and Roman cuisine (in Rome they are called broccoletti). They are also common in Spain, Portugal, China.

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