Mayonnaise sauce

What to cook from Mayonnaise sauce more

Salad "new year celebration"
265 - - 6
A spectacular and tasty salad for new year's holiday table turns out very juicy, tender and easy.
Salad "Cerutti"
152 - 20м 2
Tried this salad with my husband at your favorite restaurant, then began to cook at home. Tasty and unusual:)
"Mushroom light"
136 3 50м 4
We continue our experiments without meat!!! May seem crazy – but the courage was... For the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Salad "Hunter"
136 - 30м 2
The recipe I spied in my favorite café. However, this salad somehow stopped cooking, and then I decided to please myself.
Mullet Montana
135 4 60м -
- "Montana"!!!!! - "Trump Montana"!!!!! Anecdote (Yuri Nikulin)
Meat pie
129 - 40м 8
It turned out very delicious and elegant cake! Simple molding is captivating, the filling can be any, I chose meat for a change (and was too lazy to oven pancakes, to be honest). And we loved it!! Welcome, dear guests! Have a seat! Help yourself to health!

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