Ready stuffing

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0.5k 4 60м -
Azerbaijan's national dish. The kind of dumplings that looks like fingers, a hearty dish served with yogurt (yogurt)and herbs will not hurt the garlic.
Rolls "My way"
247 4 90м 4
Love with your partner the rolls, but it is not always possible to go to a restaurant and eat them. Learned to make them at home. On the website there are recipes rolls, but I want to offer my own version.
Sufganiot - donuts from rye flour
189 - 120м 34
For the contest "new year tastes of the planet." B Israel before the New year celebrating "Hanukkah" - I call it the holiday calories - because a dish this holiday flavored doughnuts with different fillings (jam, condensed milk, chocolate). Start selling them long before the holiday, and eat for 8 days, do you imagine these thousands of calories??? And here is my answer to those thousands useful ponchiki from rye flour is my experiment and it worked - try it now! Bon appetit.
Biscuits "Easter eggs"
170 - 30м 6
Elegant and delicious cookie that will perfectly complement the Easter table. Dough and lemon Kurd create a great flavor combination! The cookies made by the cookie Interscope. Try it, it's so delicious!
167 3 - -
easy and delicious
The dough "Once, twice and ready"
167 - - -
I came across this info in the Internet that turmeric to yeast dough helps it to last longer not to get stale. So I decided to check it out. The recipe was born in the evening thinking about tomorrow))) Well and the dough, of course, night...

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