Chocolate syrup

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Cupcake marzipan "Christmas log"
420 - - -
Delicious soft cake, with an almond and muffin. Loved everyone in my family spoiled! I want to thank the Irinushka Benito for marzipan sent me a parcel in from the distant city of Kosice! Never caught my so fresh, soft and fragrant marzipan! Yes, and from Dr. Oetker! Just had to bake something amazing!
Cereal on the ice cream with chocolate sauce
369 5 - 2
I love porridge and make it quite often and with different additives. But from this mess I was left in complete awe!!! Delicate, creamy, with aromas and flavors of ice cream under a rich chocolate syrup... Even the great nehochuha will not abandon this Breakfast!
Cake "La-FA"
169 - 170м 4
Think cakes not much happens. I'm back with the cake. Cake soaked with chocolate topping, biscuit cakes, with delicate curd cream, a layer of flavorful prunes and crunchy walnuts. If You are in the mood to bake a cake try to cook this recipe.
Pancake with walnuts
162 - - -
To fill the morning with positive emotions, prepare for tea or coffee making pancakes with walnuts! Without milk, eggs and butter! Very simple and tasty!
Cherry – strawberry cake
160 - 80м 8
Siberian fragrant dessert, the rich taste it with a delicate nutty notes of almond and fresh strawberries with sour cream custard.
Caramelized bananas in coconut shavings
134 - - 3
Fruit dessert Thai food-caramelized bananas in coconut shavings. Fried bananas in batter, work in a beautiful appetizing crust. Add a dessert of caramelized bananas with vanilla ice cream, pour chocolate syrup!

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