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Carrot-peanut butter cupcake
132 - 60м 12
Sweet, festive and inexpensive! And yet very flavorful and delicious - that's the way to describe this wonderful cupcake from the available products. The dough is prepared from carrot cake and regular salted peanuts. Unlike other carrot cakes, this cake turns out not sticky and crumbly, and the taste of carrots is almost not felt. The crust is crispy and a beautiful Golden color of the crumb! It's worth a try!
Carrot cake
127 - - 10
Recipe for juicers and crock pots JM8002 MP5015PSD.
Carrot cake
120 - 120м 10
Carrot cake in a juicer JM and MP 8002 slow cooker 5015PSD.
Carrot bread
117 4.5 - -
I offer you another bread for the bread machine. After baking is high red, tasty bread.
Buns on the pumpkin juice with pumpkin
114 - 1м 10
Bright, beautiful buns for pumpkin lovers and not only.
Oat porridge with caramelized carrots
99 - - 3
To talk about the benefits of carrot juice will not know that it is useful, especially for children and female beauty. The porridge turned out incredibly flavorful, rich orange. Caramelized carrots gave the porridge taste. I'm sure that children will not be abandoning this cereal and will appreciate its true value, and not just the kids!!!

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