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The Belarusian Podravka
0.7k - - -
Another experiment with cooking a favorite and recommendable new: Zepter rules. Was pleased with the result.
Jam-marmalade on sorbitol "Holiday diabetic"
200 - 60м 2
My mother in law's diabetes, but she's allowed a little bit of sweets on the sorbitol. Fruit in season I will prepare her for the winter such sweetness on the sorbitol. This jam can be spread on bread and you can eat as a healthy candy, so it holds its shape and has a dense consistency. Can be served as jelly, but you can prepare for the winter.
Diet cake "Pancho" Ducane
164 - 30м 6
How to make a diet cake Pancho on Ducane
Oatmeal cookies healthy-diet
159 - 15м 2
These biscuits have no calories and are very useful, because it is made without flour, without oil, without sugar! Very simple and quickly done! Can safely chew) but for the sweet tooth may not fit.
146 - 60м -
Homemade granola is very easy and simple to prepare, and, unlike a shoplifter, does not contain harmful substances and additives, extra sugar. They are very good eaten in combination with fresh fruit or berries, and mix with cold juice, milk or yogurt. Muesli can be safely prepared for the future: after all, they are great and long are stored in a closed jar in the refrigerator.
Pumpkin cheesecake at Dukane
145 - 20м 6
Pumpkin cheesecake at Dukane (video recipes).

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