The juice of a freshly squeezed

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Orange cake "Lambada"
0.6k - - -
Offer to make Polish cake containing natural orange juice. The juice is not only preparing the pudding, but they still soaked sponge cake. There is this cake in different ways, I liked this.
Salad "tel Aviv"
409 - 20м 1
I want to offer you a warm and hearty salad. Its components and style, it is very similar to the city of tel Aviv. At the bottom of the explanation why. Try!
Fresh "Melon-watermelon"
376 - - 1
When I saw the new contest, I realized that I need to participate. And they forced me into it, my old juicer-Scarlet. Believe it or not, I bought it in 2004, in order to pressing fresh juices for the little daughter. My daughter is already 14 years old, and the juicer 10. I use it only in the summer when a lot of fruit. Over these 10 years, my device is working properly, of course, in large quantities it juice pressing can not ( not provided), but a glass of juice for 4 people to cope fine. To wash it very comfortable and not problematic. I was looking for on the Internet information, but nothing about the first released juicer Scarlett was not found. For this, I'll think that my model of juicer first!
Salad "happiness"
323 - 10м 2
A lot of stress, losing hair and broken fingernails, pale cheeks, under the eyes wrinkles... ))) know yourself - so please, eat my salad, and you will be happy! )))
An unusual mulled wine "Heart"
315 - - -
In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.
Burger with brie and cherry-orange sauce
274 - 50м 2
My family love homemade burgers, so I am often experimenting with them. This time I wanted to prepare delicious and unusual sandwich that will satisfy not only the male half, but will please the girls. The highlight of this Burger is the sauce. It turns out very tasty and perfect for a "noble" cheese and juicy beef. It has a light sweetness and sourness. This sauce can also be used for cheese plates and meat cooked on the grill.

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