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Cake "Momofuku"
214 - - -
MOMOFUKU BIRTHDAY CAKE. As he said Christina Tossi, the author of this recipe and co-owner of pastry shop "Momofuku milk bar" in new York, this cake is associated with her childhood memories about "delrodarcon" cake: soft cupcake cakes (from a ready mix), lots of sprinkles, aroma vanillin. Cakes "Momofuku Milk Bar" have their own characteristics: 1 Cakes are baked in a baking sheet 29*20cm, then cut out and assembled into a 16cm form. 2. The outside of the cake is coated with cream 3. Streusel between the 4 cakes. Impregnation of cakes. This cake has a specific sweet and salty taste with a slight acidity.
Milk-rum loaves
164 - 120м 12
My first bars!!! Turned out sweet, sweet, with a delicate aroma of rum... mmm... delicious for Breakfast with butter and tea!! Try it!
Millet porridge with pumpkin, Apple, honey and cinnamon
151 - - -
Outside is cold and overcast, so it's important to gain strength in the morning. Cook for Breakfast Sunny spicy porridge with pumpkin – join us!
Easter cake
146 - 180м 48
The site already has lots of recipes of cakes, but after trying many of them, I decided to add your own, the recipe of which I will not change for 15 years. Although every year I'm trying something new for a change. Lately my cranky oven and large baking undercooked. So I decided to make large cakes in a slow cooker and bread maker, and then compare them.
Semolina pancakes
135 - - -
Semolina pancakes
Sandwich "Morning"
115 - - -
Sandwich with spread, ham and cheese.

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